Friday, October 10, 2008

Jetspinner Update - How to Get More Out of Jetspinner

Update: How to get the most out of Jetsubmitter. Combine Jetspinner with Power Article Rewriter. I got tired of using the thesaurus in Word to find alternative words in my articles and did a little searching. I ran across Power Article Rewriter and it has made my life soooo much easier.

Instead of writing my articles in Word, I now write them in PAR. PAR will provide a list of alternatives to most nouns, verb, and adjectives. The best part is, you only need to click on the alternative words you want and PAR will insert them along with the curly brackets. PAR will spin the article, so you can see if the article is spinning correctly, but the trial version of PAR only allows 1 spin at a time. You can get a free 15 day fully working trail version of PAR, but after 15 days, it shuts down.

So how do you use PAR and Jetspinner together.

Write your article in PAR, spin it and see that everything looks okay.

Copy and Paste the article into Jetspinner - spin up to 999 times - download free zip file of your articles or have Jetsubmitter submit your articles to over 400 article directories.

I was asked, "How do I swap sentences or paragraphs and still swap words inside those sentences?"

The answer is easy, Jetspinner allows nesting. Simply put, you can use brackets within brackets.

Use my example from below as a starting point:

The {dog|weenie dog|hairy dog} ran to {his owner|the boy|his best friend} and received a {treat|bone|dog cookie}.

Swap sentences using nested brackets: "{"The {dog|weenie dog|hairy dog} ran to {his owner|the boy|his best friend} and received a {treat|bone|dog cookie}."|"The {cat|red cat|black cat} slinked across the yard."}"

*Note: I used "" around the new curly brackets and | to make them stand out. Don't use the "" when nesting your words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Now when this is spun, it will return one of the two sentences (you can put as many sentences as you want between the curly brackets and Jetspinner will randomly pick one sentence) and will spin the substitue words within the returned sentence. And there is no limit to the nesting - except for how many you can keep track of!

So, you can spin a sentence, spin a block of sentences, and spin a paragraph. You can spin a nest within a nest within a nest.....

Update: One of the things that is pretty cool about Jetspinner is the spell checker. I write my articles in Word, the problem is the brackets and bars for the alternative words. e.g. {dog|cat|turtle} Word's spell checker doesn't distinguish between the words and thinks they are one big misspelled word. Jetspinner ignores the brackets and underlines the misspelled words. Pretty handy because I can type 35 mistakes a minute.

Update: Jetsubmitter will now submit articles to more than 450 article directories.

Jetspinner will now spin your articles up to 999 times and you can still download them all in a zip file for free.